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Welcome to Fools Paradise! This community is where you can find icons, or post your own, of celebrities: actors and actresses, singers, models - whoever, as long as they're famous for one thing or another.

Requests for icons may be opened at some point in the future, if the community kicks off and gets a few members.

If you would like to post your own icons, join the community and simply post them. I will look over every entry before they are posted on the community, and if they are of good quality, I will accept them. The only thing I ask, is for no nudity in any of the graphics.

  1. If you are taking any of the icons, you must credit foolsxparadise and/or the maker of the graphics.

  2. Please, please no hotlinking; upload it to your own server, like Photobucket.

  3. Do not claim any of the images on this community as your own.

  4. Unless otherwise stated, please do not add text or other design to any of the graphics.


  6. Comments make me happy.

The maintainer of this community goes by the name of Jennie - although most of her online friends call her Jenz. Her main obsession is Harry Potter, and she spends most of her time on a Harry Potter RPG, Hogwarts Daily. Take a look at her personal journal, jenzipoo, and friend her if you like. She also has a journal for Harry Potter fanfiction, dmislove.

If you wish to affiliate with this community, please post here and I will add you to the list.
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